5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Agra at least Once

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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Agra at least Once

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Agra at least Once
Mon Mar 23, 2020 India Private Driver

Modern-day lifestyle leaves very less time to travel anywhere but sufficiently hectic enough to make such vacation to refresh the inner self. If you are also stuck in a similar dilemma and living somewhere in or near Delhi, NCR region then same day Agra tour by car by India Private Driver is something made just for you. 

Agra is one of the most visited cities in the world with a plethora of reasons along with the world-famous Taj-mahal to cherish while visiting. Let us have a quick glance at the major reasons why you should visit Agra at least once in your lifetime. Refer the following points for further information. 

  • One of the Seven Wonders of the World: Everyone knows there are seven wonders in the world and almost each of them is having a wish to visit these wonders. Taj Mahal is one of those seven wonders and the only wonder situated in India. If you are living in Delhi, then you have a golden chance to fulfil such a wish, that too just in one day by doing the same day Agra tour by Car.

  • Among the Most Visited Monumental Forts: Taj Mahal is a historical monument having its own history saga and a well-known among the most visited monumental forts in the world. You relive those moments and feel the grandeur of that era by visiting it. You should not miss the chance to experience the history of the land where you are living.

  • Example Best Architecture in the World:  Tajmahal in Agra is fully made up of white marble. Along with that, it is also considered as one of the best examples of engineering and architecture of the 17th century. Everyone stands stunned whenever they see such sophisticated designs made precisely and flawlessly in such a grand manner. You should definitely experience that thrill by visiting it in Agra.

  • The Highest Gateway in the World: Along with the famous Taj Mahal, there is Jama Masjid which is a beautifully constructed mosque and a well-recognised pilgrimage site for Muslims. This Masjid is situated in Fatehpur Sikri, and within the mosque premises, there is Bulund Darwaza, the highest gateway in the world.

  • Delicious Range of Dishes to Enjoy: Anywhere in India, you will find no shortage of street food and Agra is no different in that. ‘Agra ka Petha’ is a well-known sweet dish known for everyone. Visit and don’t forget to taste it along with other dishes of their own kind.

Don’t miss to experience all these unique aspects of Agra, avail services for same-day Taj tour from Delhi offered by India Private Driver and rejuvenate yourself for a while. Take a break from your highly-demanding urban life and refresh yourself in a way as wonderful as Taj-mahal.