India Private Driver answers your queries on travelling India.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to bring?
We suggest adding the following to your suitcase: a light jacket for cooler evenings, comfortable walking shoes, insect repellant, sunscreen and anti-bacterial hand lotion/wipes.

How much money should I budget for everyday spending?
You will need to pay for all meals each day (except breakfast, if the hotels are booked by us) and entry fees to historical sites. Experienced local guides are available at many historical sites for a small fee. An allowance of approximately $25USD per person per day would cover these expenses.

Will there for time for shopping?
Your driver knows the best places for jewellery, silk, leather goods etc and the best bazaars for holiday mementos. If you feel you need help in the markets, ask your driver to accompany you.

Is India Safe?
India is a safe country to visit but we recommend using common sense regarding carrying money and valuables. Your driver will guard your valuables/luggage in the car while you sightsee.

What is the traffic like?
Traffic in India can be daunting for visitors but our drivers are extremely experienced and trained to cope with India's traffic challenges.

What is the food like?
Indian food caters for all palates and preferences, it is also delicious and inexpensive. Alongside traditional Indian cuisine, there are many other international food options.

Will food allerfies be a prolem?
Most Indian meals are cooked to order, so they can usually be adapted to accommodate allergies or food intolerances. Your driver will be able to assist you in communicating with staff at restaurants or food vendors.

Can I avoid getting Delhi Belly?
Sometimes different food types can cause digestive problems. To help avoid stomach upsets we recommend regular hand washing with anti-bacterial hand lotion/wipes, drinking bottled-only water, and avoiding hot spicy curries until you feel better. Your driver will assist you should you need to visit a pharmacy/drugstore for medication, though we advise guests to include gastroenteritis medication in their travel kit.

What about laundry services?
Laundry services are readily available through your hotel/guesthouse, inexpensive and are usually able to return your items on the same day.