Whether you are planning to travel by yourself, with family members or as a small group, India Private Driver can help you reach your travel goals. Satvinder "Bunty" Singh has more than 19 years experience in organising travel and tours in India, specialising in northern India and the Rajasthan area.

Based in New Delhi, Bunty worked as a private driver for a travel agency for many years before becoming an independent tour operator more than nine years ago. He has organised and driven many tourists on a variety of different routes, and he looks forward to creating a custom tour based on your interests and travel budget.

Bunty's business success has been built on referrals and repeat business from satisfied customers (see the References page for comments by previous customers). As his business grows, Bunty is spending less time on the road, and more time coordinating custom tour plans and managing a small team of trusted colleagues who are professional drivers.

If you're heading to India but not sure how best to plan your trip, let Bunty know your schedule and the places you'd like to see, and he will get back to you with his suggestions for your route and a detailed tour quote.

With his excellent spoken English, a wealth of local knowledge, and a solid history of happy travel guests, Bunty is the ideal person to help you travel incredible India!

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